Some stories of people choose their career

Kansen to tansen

Case study 1 :

There was a young boy, he used to read magazines and saw

Case study 2:


Gratification/point of

How schools are devoid of this process

Schools are information centers, they don’t highlight the sense of magic, just rote learning. It does not develop the interest.

As humans we are still fascinated by stories. Stories , imagination, power to express drive us as humans. Schools are devoid of that. Schools want us to do things opposite of this that feeds the soul.

This is why these people were successful in their passions even without much resources and so much struggle.

Because it started with passion. And passion came from observation and sense of SELF drivers of their lives.

Of course, a good environment, like minded people and access to such experts helped them.

Very rarely i have seen passionate people or people who do great things did so because of compulsion compliance and subservience and external motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is the KEY factor.

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