What career is best for YOUR child

How do we decide which career is best for your child.

Most people choose their parent’s profession. Simply because they get the environment and certainty.

But that may not the best career for them. Or even the vocation or lifestyle.

Many a times, children struggle finding a career because their parent’s vocation does not suit their aptitude.

Now, the double whammy goes where they don’t get environment, niether the exposure , or support from the parents to find what their true CALLING in life.

That’s why i suggest, that PLAYING around with various professions, is a very good way to introduce and increase exposure to the possibilities.

Internships, or casual visits in offices, or working temporarily and changing jobs in different work environments can help.


  • child animal kind personality speciality
  • mostly the background and the environment defines it
  • schools limit it to academic training

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