Are you teaching children self sustainability? (jack of trades)

Modern times have following pillars:

  • Urbanisation
  • Consumerism
  • Money driven mindset
  • Loosing basic life skills like growing food, fixing stuff, DIY, multi skills

Each of these factors are driving each other. We are turning into a generation of people who are skilled in one type of activity.

We are doctors, engineers, programmers.

In history people were multi faceted. It was normal part of life. I remember my grandparents knowing how to fix taps, build houses, install electric points and several others.

There was also a trend of growing food themselves. Even in less space, they would at least grow some plants that would

But the modern consumerist lifestyle we find doing all these things not only

Schools as tools for driving this specialization mentality

Schools are designed to take away these skills away from children.



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