Brain gets tired if “uninteresting” things are done for long

i see people doing academic study without much interest and passion.

they say they are interested , but their interest is not driven by passion for knowledge or innate reward. but rather other perks that come along with it.

for example, people want to do MBA because they see MBAs getting big jobs and packages.

Or doctors because doctors get respect and earn a nice living.

These are some quirks that one needs to keep in mind.

Nothing is inherently boring, its just that you are not at that stage of being ready for that skill/knowledge and subject

If you are interested in something it should be driven through exposure in the topic and then the play/interest. rather than the outer shining reputation or other perks that come along with it.

sometimes, people take up a career and do OK and probably survive and thrive through their lives. but they are not happy or fulfilled in what they do.

Which may be ok for some, but i feel that’s not a very healthy way of life.

  • try to see if you can find a way to do things that you are INTERESTED In for passion!

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