Dear parents , you know school has flaws but you still send your children to school

Most parents i talk to agree that school system has problems.

But the moment i suggest them to not send their children to school. They think that’s a very drastic step for a “small” problem.

Facts most parents agree with

  • The school learning model is contextless storyless
    Can you take interest in anything without a context? Human brain is designed to think from context. A backstory, a pattern.

    Schools teach topics to children without telling what’s the need for them. And how it will be used at anything. How it connects with life ?

    Take algebra for example, most children find it difficult to relate to. “Why are we studying this ?” No wonder that’s the reason why most children don’t like Maths and fail in it.

    Same children on the other hand, take interest in films, sports and don’t even have to try to memorize the names of characters, incidents, scores.

    While on the other hand, they have to put in extra effort to try to remember anything. This is clear indication that schools are not designed for learning.

  • School does not prepare children for Real life
    School does not provide real life experience to children. It is merely a place for textbook knowledge. To memorize information and copy paste that information like a computer.

    A computer graduate does not know how to plan a software, or put business logic. Which is very important in software development lifestyle.

    Most Textbooks are written by writers who may be experts in their subject but have no knowledge about readability,
  • Schools confuse language skills with academic skills
    It does not make sense to complex words and sentences in science textbooks. Science textbook should be designed for learning science and not the language itself.

    Language learning should be limited to specific language subject.
  • Schools don’t develop life skills
    the classroom , textbook learning does not allow a child to do his own research, study. School does not allow most children to present their version of facts. They learn how to replicate what’s written. To seek information and not present their OWN reasoning or conclusions.

  • School are terrible place to interact socially.
    Children in larger groups are difficult to manage. Besides, because children are not happy in schools, they resort to violence. Bullying is common. Chances of bad influence like taking drugs and

  • Experience is bigger and more important than theoritical learning
    Most parents agree that real life experience is more useful than theoritical learning for the most part. Still they send their children to school.

  • Memorization done for passing exams are forgotten and useless later in life
    Most of information memorized in school exams is forgotten within a few months. The years of effort and energy spent in memorizing something that has no use n future is not very wise.

Why parents still send their kids to school —– Seeking Social validation and avoiding uncertainty

One of the major reason why parents send their children to school is NOT for learning. But to conform to social standards. From fear of left out.

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