Different economic oriented goals for unschooling/homeschooling parents

I call myself a childhood advocate.

What this means is, i know that parents today are living in fear. And if i center my talks around happiness and joy and all that. My talks would get a pass.

Any uncertainty increases their sense of void and they would.

I have accepted it, parents today want results. Sure, there are exceptions and eventually once they follow the path and really dive deep into understanding of unschooling they tend to recognize how and why happiness is important.

So i do understand that if i have to reach out to majority of parents and make a bigger change considering how modern society functions. I will need to talk NUMBERs, CAREERS, Security and all those things that will give the parents a sense of security and certainty for their children’s future.

In that series, today i am going to talk about different unschooling goals. These goals are centered around career and financial sustainability.

  1. Focus on one career(Sachin tendulkar model)
  2. Build a child good enough that he excels at any career he chooses (Your high school friend)

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