Friends are best teachers – power of intra learning

Most schools are not designed to take advantage of children learning from their peers.

The job of Teachers in a classroom is very difficult. I cannot imagine how a teacher is expected to control the learning of so many kids at the same time.

Each child is in a different mood, his brain dancing on a different beat. A teacher has to literally PULL their attention to one thing.

Every child is also at a different learning level.

It is next to impossible to bring them together at same speed of learning, same levels of learning.

One to many vs one to one

Compare this with intra learning. Not only a child is more comfortable with learning from his peers. Which makes a HUGE difference in speed of learning.

Intra learning is a wonderful concept, which is most natural form of learning that does not need too much planning and control.

It can make the teacher’s life easier. A teacher can focus more on filling the gaps and become part of the group him/herself.

Enjoy the process. Less burden, and fun for everyone.

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