Govt can control certification, why does it need to control the process of preparation?

I never really questioned schooling system when i was in school. I believed that this sytem is in place because i felt adults know better, that they are right.

But as i grew up and started questioning the whole system, I started noticing anamolies and processes which do not justify their existence.

it seems like many processes and institutional practices exist more as a cuture and tradition which has to be followed for sentimental reasons rather than pragmatic usefulness.

I do not see many pragmatic reasons on how government want to dictate what a child should learn, how he should learn it. And even take memorization tests.

Well meaning but…

Government probably wants to ensure that a system is in place, where all children are getting the best education. But sometimes strucuture and process in itself becomes a predicament than solving anything.

The fact is that majority of population will not change the education method of their children unless govt allows for it. As it is very scary for any parent to go against the system established by the government.

I do accept that a government needs to have certain exams. To check for literacy, and employability. Certain professions , the process has to be rigorous and detailed. And even training process has to be policed. For example medical professions.

But it does not make sense that government want to dictate the process of attaining something as simple as literacy?

For example, in many countries textbooks are used a political tool to brainwash young children. Textbooks also present all information to the reader rather than finding that information through various sources. Many a times, textbook dictates what the fact or truth is rather than presenting other sides of the story.

Textbook model is not making children pro-active in researching for different versions of answers.

Self-Conflicts in govt certification model

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