Lets discuss textbooks

As a child i sometimes loved when i bought textbooks, but i hated reading them.

There was something about textbooks which made me not look at them or study them.

The lessons were informational, with lots of jargon and question and answers felt a lot of work.

It was amusing that i loved reading story books, but i disliked textbooks. Adults around me, the teachers and my parents used to say i do not like spending time with books.

But this was proven wrong as i started reading novels, magazines, newspaper.

Today, i want to talk about what makes textbooks boring. Questioning them and their role in “education”

Textbooks are without context

Let’s take a very simple example, think about the city you have lived in for several months. If i ask you to tell about the city, you will probably

Textbooks are not play based but outcome based

Textbooks have a limited view

Textbooks are written by people who might be experts in

Textbooks do not follow stories but definition format

Textbook kills skepticism

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