Puzzle Metaphor – children learning

Textbooks, controlled parenting is trying to give READYMADE answers so children can memorize the information.

What happened in the history? Well, here is the list . Memorize it.

how about children find through various sources WHAT happened in the history? What are different theories in the history and what they THINK happened exactly?

The process should be the king not the INFORMATION itself

School does nt care much about the learning process. It tests for what you remembered and know. It does nothing to improve the skill of finding information solving process.

Life is full of complex puzzles

In life, one has to take decisions, set priorities, gather information. There is no textbook that will have answers of all the challenges one might face in their life. Some self help books claim to do this but they can’t help unless an individual has the life skills and mental development to face the problem and work independently.

These adults don’t allow a child to develop his indendent operating and later leave them to be on their own, cold turkey.

It creates havoc to child’s psychology. He takes up a job he gets. He follows orders. He is afraid of taking risks. He desists new paths or challenges. He exists and does not live.

Don’t Solve Puzzles for your children

Don’t solve puzzles for your child. Let him solve it. You are making the process complicated not just by solving the puzzles for him but also choosing what puzzles he should solve.

you can never, never really know exactly what kind of puzzle his mind is ready for. And even if you can find out with a detailed assessment, it changes every day. The subconscious brain is very unpredictable. It does nt work in a sequential, machine , industrial way. It is not something that can be controlled.

It can be guided, inspired, assisted. But it cannot be controlled and instructed. That is for the conscious brain. And conscious brain is not for learning. It is for action/production. Doing repetitive tasks.

Lastly, the whole process of assessing and “planning” what a child should learn is pointless because at the end of the day mind learns through his own process and speed. One can try but its next to impossible to track, match the subconscious brain.

So by controlled institutionalized education system. We activate the ACTIVE conscious brain of children and shut down their subconscious brains. Where children do follow instructions, write, memorize. And it “looks” all good. But it does nt really do any real learning.

The result? We have a generation of people who feel stuck. Who need constant validation and support. Who are clueless how to face new challenges and solve puzzles of life. On top of that who are not having great soulful friendships.

They are subservient. They need a master. They life a miserable life of slavery. They don’t know how to question, criticize. They don’t have skills to solve complex puzzles of life. The skill of finding, researching, debating their own answers. The skill of working in teams.

It is a mental apocalypse.

And i am not exagerating slightest bit.

You go and look at rising suicide rates. Look at how innovation is dying and more and more people are copying existing models. Here we are making 20th version of spiderman movie and no new idea really coming up for a superhero!

Study after study, statistics after statistics is shouting that we are doing something seriously wrong with our new generation. But in order to quench our need of certainty we want to hang on to our controlling behaviour. We want to control the process as it makes us feel certain about the future.

But, it just does the opposite of what you intend. Its a fail. A big royal failure.

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