Unschooling certification

our unschooling certification program is a program where we provide a certificate to people who have passed a comprehensive online test and assessment where we will then provide you with a certification.

Our organization is not authorized by any government body as a formal education institution. This is probably not the best if you want to get a job.

But a certificate will enable you to

  • A parent or educator can take this certification which will help him/her to start their own unschooling group as verified by us.
  • Run a playgic center in your locality.

How to get the certificate

Now we are not here to make this a money making business. A certification is just an assessment where we just ensure that our core philosophy of childhood is same.

  • What are we looking for
    In the assessment, we are basically looking for your understanding and passion , interest about unschooling . We don’t want you to memorize all unschooling names etc.But you have to understand the science of unschooling. This is not a traditional test, but just an assessment of your understanding of unschooling and childhood freedom.

    Each candidate assessment procedure will be different based on their experience and background. For example, if there is a person who has already running an unchooling group and has written books about unschooling and child psychology. We will offer them a Unschooling Certification without any tests.

  • Pre-screening meeting
    In the pre screening meeting we just want to understand and plan a certification process for you. What are your goals and aims for getting this certificate and what are your interests in. If you already have enough experience and understanding we will issue you a certificate right away.

    This certificate is basically a recommendation from us that we think that you follow unschooling principles that we also believe in, nothing else!
  • For individuals who are new to unschooling
    If you are new to unschooling, we would then guide you through various materials, documentaries and workshops so that you get acquianted with the idea of unschooling .

    We definitely believe that you have your own journey and we don’t expect you to know exactly what we think should be known. But we do expect at least 40% which is very loose . We are not testing how much you have memorized but basic understanding and philosophy. And you can choose whichever field/author philosophy you can, but the CORE philosophy should be the same. Natural learning for children.

    Some authors we recommend are:
    • Evan Illich
    • John holt
    • Peter Gray
    • Documentaries
      • Why these children learn school
    • Our playgic blog articles
  • On ground experience
    Along with theoritical experience we would also really like if you have practically applied these techniques

  • Apart from this, it would also really be helpful if you have understanding about Binary Human moods theory and understanding of psychology.


  • We have a flexible fee structure. We charge on case to case basis , and do not keep a fixed fee on our services.
  • We follow pay-as-you-like model. But also give you an idea what we expect. For example, if someone from a lower income group country or background is taking our services we might offer for free.

    But if the person is already financially doing well, we might suggest standard rates.

    So basically money is secondary. You don’t have to worry about it. Also, i f you have good money and you want to support this cause, we would really appreciate bigger donations. As this helps us in keeping our needs met and greeds in check.

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