Have you calculated school’s ROI?

A child goes 14 years of his life in an institution, that costs not only time but also a great deal of money.

Most people send their children to school for compliance and social norms. Because if schools were not mandated and popular, i doubt if so many parents would still send them to mainstream schools like they do now.

If you really stop and think, here i will take example of a typical student in india :

sending a child to School – costs:

  • Transport fees for 14 years- 1000 per month on average = 2 lakh rupees
  • textBooks cost – 10000 per year = approx 2 lakh rupees
  • school fees – 1 lakh per year = 12 lakh rupees

Now, if you put this in bank,

The time cost

  • At least

Cost of health/mental and physical

  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of proper nutrition and food when he wants it
  • Lack of real intimate meaningful relationships

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