Why the modern industrial world and system needs schools?

A solider is trained to follow orders

a soldier does not question

a soldier does not decide bigger actions and course of it

A soldier does not take sides of the opposite but defends

No desrespect to soldiers, they give their life to protect their mother land. but many a times soldeirs and armies are serving purpose of people sitting at the top.

Schools were started when governments started standardization, legalizing and formalizing tax systems.

they wanted clerks who knew how to calculate/write/ copyinformation

and if you look closely, these are the qualities schools teach.

Schools were set up because they wanted factory workers, who can work long hours in monotony reptitive work for a wage.

these are industrial and army values taught in schools, practiced in schools.

to live with “discipline” , it looks great, it looks fancy. but it does nt serve much purpose of prosperity to the man practicing it.

the poeple in power, want this system to remain, so there are no free thinkers, who can question them. so there are less entrepreneurs who can pose competition to them, so there are no free thinking soldiers who do not question their orders.

school is the root of the centralisation of power, killing of cultures.

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