Ideal 21st centuary childhood

By priyank

I detest following models that can be replicated verbatim. I also prefer that i enable people to think why something has to be done and do it themselves rather than following/copying others.

But for the sake of discussion, i am presenting this FRAMEWORK as covered in life framework

Ideal childhood in 21st centuary –

  • schools problems – lack of autonomy
    lack of exposure
    lack of teamwork
    lack fo research
    lack of planning/maanagement
  • following subsevience


  • resources + exposure

resources – games/tools etc – not that important

exposure- interacting with others – when we are interacting we are either teaching or
what exposure really means?
just how a person watches good photos and photographer working,
something attracts, and we want to watch it and replicate, from kaansen to taansen, but tansen is important step
if someone is not a tansen it can be difficult to become tansen

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