Importance of feeling of accomplishment to sustain interest in learning

No one can learn or engage into any activity if they don’t have a feeling of accomplishment.

When we play video games, we get bored if the game is too easy to win and also get bored if the game is too difficult to play.

Hence. a learner should be engaged to the level which suits his level of understanding.

For example, if a child is in 8th standard and studying math in class. while his understanding of the subject is still uptil 5th standard.

He would lack interest in the subject. Where his understanding is below the level of competition.

Why is someone not interested in something

The primary reason for not be able to take interest in something is because they are not able to interact or reach any outcome.

While it may be easier for us as parents and teachers to force children to sit with the book and think that will make him learn.

But that would be a futile exercise.

The context and the base is important without which learning can’t happen

Math and science was two subjects that children lack interest in. Math tops the list. The reason is math concepts are taught without contexts.

If you gamify math topics, the same children who get bored and run away from math classes will excel at it.

The results will be very different.

For example, in India cricket is a very popular sport. And when children watch cricket, they understand everything about Run Rates, bowling speeds, Average runs. They are so engrossed in the game (the larger context) that the nitty gritty percentages , averages context is learnt by them without any effort.

Same is with every other skill or topic. When you want your children to learn something, Keep them away from textbooks. That is a surefire way to kill their interest in that topic and make the process a lot more difficult to achieve.

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