Is your child God of one thing?

I wrote an article on one of my other blog about if people can have multiple god-like fame related to one skill, profession or identity.

This was an attempt to understand and break down the complex question that if it is really possible to be great and best at multiple things?

The key word here is GREAT. Michael jackson was a singer and he also acted in couple of movies. That does nt qualify for God at two things. Besides, acting and singing is again related.

Even in related professions, i know that people are BEST at one thing, and average at others. For example, There was an indian Singer Kishore Kumar. He is considered the best bollywood singers of his time. His legacy is followed by generations to come. He was also a very good actor. His films did great at box office. But today, if you ask someone who was Kishore kumar, people respond with – Singer. No actor says that his ideal was Kishore kumar for acting.

We know Michael jackson for one thing, his music/singing and dance now these three things are very closely related 80% same set of qualities/attitude/aptitude.

Otherwise most Godlike people are Gods of one thing. William shakespeare for his playwrite. Tom Hanks for his acting.

These people become institutions in themselves. Michael Jordan for his basketball, Mohammal Ali, for his boxing. They are revered , studied or centuries to come.

There are people who had multiple careers, but those careers were not magical God Like AWE some.

For instance, we know Arnold for bodybuilding. He did acting, but his acting skills were sub-par. Nothing God life or magical. besides, he got into films because of his bodybuilding and his films worked more for pop-culture effects, crazy show rather than the literary magic.

With all these observations i reach to a conclusion that it is indeed, ONE thing one person be magical at.

But i could be wrong.

Doing multiple things is good

On the onset, i would like to clarify that i am in no way, saying that one person is born to do only one thing. But i think all other things build the ground for that main thing.

Flirting with many, marriage with one

We are motivated to more of where things are working out

We are naturally driven towards doing more of something which is working out for us. Where we are getting better and more success and validation.

The one thing you are born for?


  • The intrisic behaviour – natural talent
  • place and time born
  • resources and environment
  • External motivators

How to find what your child is God at?

  • Experimenting
  • Freedom of action
  • Environment

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