List of scientific studies

Humans can defy logic and arguements using fallacies but they generally accept if the arguement or theory is backed up by numbers and authorities.

Here are a tiny list of studies done about school . Which will be good enough for you to convince that school is harmful for your child.

  • Book about “support from school”
  • German study
  • Researchers at that
  • Dreams about school

your own firsthand experience

Famous celebrities

I like giving examples of celebrities because they are well known

most experts of their fields rarely attribute their success to conventional schooling system.

  • michael jackson
  • sachin tendulkar
  • lata mangeshkar

Apart from this, if you look arond

  • Measuring success – being at higher position, or thriving, enjoying doing well, managing their emotions well /
  • What are children who were ANTI school doing now?
  • What most toppers doing now
  • What children sports

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