Sending your child to school for social interaction?

This is one of the major argeuments made in favour of school.

Most parents accept that schools are not the best place for learning. Children don’t get individual attention. Besides, the classroom academic training is not relevant anymore,

After unable to hinge on to any of these reasonings. One of the second best arguement comes…

“If we don’t send child to school, how will he learn to interact with others? “

A parent who’s scared to unschool their child

As if, school is the only place where a child can interact with others? Sometimes, i think does this even need an explanation? Is nt it obvious that schools are not at all helping children at social interaction!

But then i realise, that human mind is scared to change the status quo. It is also daunting to take a path less taken.

So a re-assurance that is backed by facts, details and logic is important to convince people what really is RIGHT.

One way to pursuade people is by authority. But i rather choose logic and reasoning.

So here are some points worth thinking about before you send your child to school

Classrooms are not designed for team work and interaction

Schools are basically not designed for interaction and team work , its no secret.

childrean are usually not allowed to share , talk or support each other. Everyone is supposed to do their own work alone. If someone shares their homework or helps others with their work is rare and discouraged.

Whatever little interaction children do, is by hiding from the teachers. Or in the little breaks they get between classes.

Schools are a place where they are trained to live, survive alone. The modern concept of not helping, or seeking help from others is cherished in school from all angles.

Schools are a place for competition and leaving others behind. Not walking with them.

There is no report card that tells how much a child worked with others or helped others. Or was part of a group.

Besides, on the other hand schools have a toxic environment , especially where child to adult ratio is high, children get bullied and learn to bully others. Toxicity and tension begets ideas of teaming up, fighting.

How is this helping children to learn better things ?

Lastly, even if we accept that children do make friends in school. They make a small group of friends.

The large number of “friends in school” are like facebook friends. High in numbers, but when it comes to interaction, they don’t come into picture.

The other day, i was discussing

Choosing the alternative : Unschooling Parenting Groups

Although, i strongly believe that a good family social environment is enough for a child to develop social interaction. More often that not we overthink about it.

But considering that more and more people today live in nuclear families, the interaction with others are less.

A child still interacts with others in various activities. If he joins a sport class, or activity group. And if you still want a more social and regular interaction then parenting groups can be a great option.

You can start your own parenting group. And even consider getting our Membership and get additional support

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