Money aspect to modern education systems

For example, if I was a music teacher, i cannot get paid 100,000 for teaching a child how to sing properly and get them on stage and build them a career so they become self-sustainable and does nt require teaching.

I would rather call this young student to my classrooms and make him be there for months and even years, in the name of really learning before taking it professionally.

I have seen several such cases, where teachers discouraged music students to avoid taking up things professionally. Now there can be a valid reason that once someone starts doing things professionally they might actually stop learning or experimenting with new things. But then, no one can deny that people can learn and grow even when they are doing things professionally. Most artists grew this way. Also, if a child becomes self sustainable, there’s a good chance, he won’t continue the classrooms.

There’s a strong industrial method to schools and other such educational systems. Which are good for imparting training for industrial age skills. But it does not do anything for developing thinking, or learning how to think, or problem solving or be self independent, assessing.

kehna kya chahta hu?

Basically to understand that even if you want to do academics and other systems. please understand that money driven education systems won’t make the job or learning easier lucid and faster. They won’t create systems that make a child

Their values and design is very close to consumerist products like foot massager. They show or present themselves as someone who will make your life easy, but in reality, they make it harmful in longer run. Because they create dependency, they have a slow sluggish way of learning, do not provide autonomy and restrict or leave out the pace at some student can learn.

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