What does a child does in “free” time?

As we advance into modern age, children are getting less and less of free time. This is detrimental to their well being.

Here’s one poem that explains , what really happens to a child during free time. How he observes the world, makes sense of all the information he consumed during busy time.

Today, i am alone…
In this garden of senses

I am wandering around in the fantasy world
here are flowers all around .. and flying benches

I fly through the moon, and wonder where the stars live
I talk to the meteors and the satellites , I read the signals they give

I keep flying through the seas and the oceans
that reminds of the stories i have read
I feed the whales some yummy bread

Then i jump into the history of the past vikings
I see the battles of the world wars armours shinings

I go through the ships, travel across the remotest islands
I meet the air, the land, the animals like long lost friends…

Because i don’t know when i will get to visit them again
You know, usually i am stuck with time table bane…

I am jolted and brought back to where i am physically..
And here i was traveling time million light years mentally..

but i have to be back, leaving all the amazing things i have here.
Back to do the homework, the black and letters , joy disappear

You see? How much can happen in imagination?

Free time is the time where a person actually digests all information . “Free” no-responsibility – no errand time is the time where a child does things purely for joy and interest.

Doing what interests him and building on what he knows. Purely for joy. It could be an activity. It releases dopamine and he learns how to do things for joy and not for compliance or fear.

Free time, is the biggest asset a child can get to experience the Joy of life.

Do you give your child enough time to experience this joy? Or is he tied up with time tables and schedules? All throughout the day?

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