What should you do as a parent? build resources and provide exposure

Most unschooling discussions reach to the point of accepting the flaws of school and how it is hampering children’s growth and well being.

The natural progression then is to what is the alternative that i suggest?

Now this is the difficult part, difficult not because it is difficult to achieve. but it brings certain level of uncertainty, ambiguity and

it is difficult for a person in powerful position to let things go and be. And this is a parent in children’s context.

So what if not school? Homeschool? Homeworks?

It really depends and there cannot be a single line answer. There are multitude of options and which option is suitable for a child will depend on various factors ranging from where he is from, resources , economic background, society where they live and such.

Myth: you have to have a lot of resources to do something

Even if you don’t have the resources, you can do things in “little ways”.

For example, when i say that traveling should be integral part of a childhood. Many parents might argue that traveling is expensive and i do not have time.

I think traveling can be done in a frugal way and similarly one can find creative ways to start small in any aspect in life. And do them in smaller ways .

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