Conversation with a parent who’s not ready for pure unschooling

There are different categories of parents

  1. Oblivion
    The first majority category.

    Most parents I meet, agree that there are problems with schools, but majority are part of the opinion that children should still be sent to school. Now there are different levels of how much schooling remains in a child’s life.
  2. Hinted
    Doing some unschooling and taking away the extreme abuse, part. Giving more freedom
  3. Pure unschooling
    then there are some parents who are doing extreme unschooling . Extreme, in a good way. Of course, this does not mean they allow their child to get pregnant or smoke weeds all throughout the day. But minimimal and essential control.

You can read about them in detail in this post

They are like those speakers who speak something else on the podium but do something else behind the stage.

When i started this blog it was designed mostly to communicate to the parents

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