Types of parents in ref to unschooling (stages)

I believe unschooling is basically a process that requires some learning and education. It cannot happen without a parent, taking this journey of learning and observing the details.

Today, i want to talk about different stages or categories of parents. Most of them remain in the 0 category. Which verbally agree that schools have problems, but still send their children to school

Stage 0 – the oblivious extreme schooling , discipline is the king!

Yes schools are bad, but still send them to school.

Stage 1 – Let’s bring pinch of unschooling

give some freedom to children and not obsess about academics and time tables. But still send their children to school and focus on academics.

Stage 2 – The peaceful parent still seeking certainty

remove or reduce abuse from children lives, but structure, time table and lack of autonomy remains

They are ok with less academics, They still want children to

Stage 3 – least amount of schooling – embracing uncertainty!

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