Why is play highest form of learning

  • Play model essentially gives flexibility so a child starts from where HE wants to not where the CLASSROOM is at .
    • In Classroom model, a child has to adapt to what is being told. While he may not have any context of interest in the topic.
  • Play model allows a child to take risks and experiment . The more the experiment, the more the experience the better the learning.
    • Classroom model denounces risks. Or experiments. One has to reproduce and write exactly what’s being told. And anyone doing experiment, is shouted on as wasting time.
  • Play model makes a child in control of his life. Takes his own decisions.
    • In classroom model, child gives control of his life to an adult.
  • Play model develops confidence, because once child takes risks,
    • Classroom model, kills risk taking ability. One cannot deviate from what’s written in textbook. If a child writes an answer that is opposite of what is written in the textbook. he will probably get zero/negative marks.
  • Play model teaches a child to think and solve problems.
    • Classroom model makes a child to indoctrinate and believe in the written word and follow instructions.
  • In a Play model, child prioritizes learning not time
    • In classroom model, a child has to learn in the given timeframe. Now, everyone learns at a different pace. Either the child get bored because he learns fast, or he gets depressed because he is not able to keep up with everyone.
  • In a play model, keeps things interesting
    • In a classroom model, interest is rather low or negative, because there is a lack of above mentioned principles. When a child is not feeling confident, or in control. And if he lags behind others, he looses interest much further.

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