A poem that sums up my thought about LIFE in context of schooling/industrialization

Life is really about dreaming, imagining, telling stories, building relationships and playing
not doing homework all day, memorization of information, this is all that i am saying

Life is about building relationships, friendships, and empathy
And here schools the “nurseries” of modern industrialized world are training children
to only think about themselves, and have cold shoulder, limited to social media sympathy

Life is more than survival and existing, breathing and eating pizzas in a high rise luxurioous apartment
It is about being relaxed, laughing candidly even if you sleep in a small simple room, as long there’s happiness in mental department

If somebody asks me what’s the purpose of life then i say it is to have a damn good time
to have enough to feed ourselves, yes basic needs are easy to get, we need some food, water and some sunshine

Happiness you may think will come when you have a lot of things
But really the idea is that if you have lemons, just make a lemonade
Does it resonate?

But in the culture of consumerism we have illusioned to believe that a huge bank balance and working is essential
and then people who have all of this… are lonely, depressed
and have a crisis existential

I am not against big cars, cities, and successes
I am against living a miserable life , not making most of what you already have, living for a distant goal , sleeping empty stomach so you can buy “show-off-trophies and dresses”

I am not against money, but my humble shout is that don’t let this all illusion fool you
You are an effin human, Don’t let this modern world school and tool you

Use money, don’t let it use you,

Of all the virtues and priviles, freedom and self control is the BEST OF ALL
In the carnival of life, let’s choose the Free thinking stall

Cause the purpose of life is not just survival it is thrival and identifying the illusion that happiness lies in some distant goal
That justifying living a painful/difficult life , living like a robot, as if it is “necessary” that’s a fallcious logic like has no substance

like a big empty bowl

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