Crop rotation for land – activity rotation for children!

Just how land gets fertile , if there are different crops grown on it.

Brain also gets healthier and intelligent if it engages into different type of activities.

Mind is not machine, as much as we would like to treat it like one. Parents and individuals make their children study ONE SUBJECT or prepare for a particular exam, for hours.

First of all, number of hours never leads into better results. this is learning, learning is not a straightforward process like lifting stones from one place to other.

The technique and several other factors dictate

You would know many students who studied less but got better marks.

Have you ever questioned why, one child gets better marks while another gets lesser, even if one studies harder?

You see, to get better at one skill, you need to practice different skills. That’s how even our bodies work too.

Sprint runners, do swimming and it helps them in becoming better runners.

Specialization and doing only one thing is a modern day concept which is not good for healthy growth of the brain

When man lived in the jungle, he did nt follow just one profession. He would do farming, build house, play music, tell stories, act.

Of course, he would nt do everything.

Key take aways:

  • Brain develops best if there are different kind of activities.
  • Newness of the activities keeps things interesting
  • Every activity teaches something, and that pattern is utilized in another activity and make that better.
  • Understand the fine line between one thing at a time, and only one thing all the time. We definitely

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