Straight vs creative / learning tasks

There are two types of tasks in the world one is straightforward task like you have to lift mud from one or put it somewhere else

and then there are some complex long-term tasks learning is a complex process it’s not straight forward and if you force learning that it won’t happen.

fear works great to force a child to attend the classroom or copy the classwork do the manual straightforward task but it cannot create interest in the subject or make him learn anything

that is why punishment which looks great on the surface to make a behavioural change in the child but it is a lousy and futile technique to make a child better in academic or any area of learning

academic or any other skill that requires some kind of context of some basic understanding rather than simple easy tasks which we learn when we are 5 year old have to be dealt in a more freeway because if a child or a person who wants to learn something is free then he will go and explore what is missing in the picture rather than sticking and working hard to understand the story when the context is not even there

for example if a child wants to understand and learn about let se chemistry it will be difficult for him to learn when he does not have the context about what chemistry really is about and how does it translates where is it coming from and how it is being used.

that’s why a majority of population of children are more comfortable with subjects like English Hindi literature and less comfortable with the subject like maths because maths does not provide the contacts and it also does not gives a child in a freedom to first fix the basics for the prerequisites that is required for learning the advanced topics within that subject.

however on the flip site you will find that children who have the concepts and the context of how the numbers are working are great at mathematics and really love that subject.

it is important to understand if you try to teach someone mathematics just by using force or punishment and here it is really going to happen if at all and even if it happens if will be difficult to sustain it and the whole process will be very counterproductive

now is there a way that it can make any complex process easier just by following a friendly system no

see some children and not design to learn for certain things there attitude are not fitting in in certain type of subjects and activities their instincts their habits their interest their way of operating life is different and they will not be able to do each and everything with same zeal. And it is absolutely a waste of time and waste of their real talent to make them do things which they are not supposed to do.

I mean imagine if Michael Jackson was asked to spend two hours each day in learning about science aur Michael Jordan to take singing lessons.

the whole idea of standardizing education and to have same skill in every child is flawed and counterproductive and it’s killing the indigenous and diverse uniqueness.

most children who are unique and a passionate about one thing find it really difficult to survive and thrive in a system in today’s modern world where they have to to comply with schooling system where they have to to do things which they are not interested in and they are not made for.

and today we have a world where creativity and individuality is going down and everyone is thinking the same. The schooling system and standardized information especially in the world of internet also is been standardized to a level that the whole world is now looking like a factory.

a perfect example of this phenomenon is when you see India India is a old civilization and its interesting that in every 30 km there is a new language and every 50 km the the cuisine is entirely different the clothing and the art is very different

but today due to standardization and internet everything is getting standardized and in the industrialized world everything is getting same and copied.

this is why we should try to be mindful about how force and fear will not work for creative and complex tasks and learning processes.

And also we have to understand how

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