Don’t worry, your unschooled child can go into almost any profession – there won’t be any closed doors

I think one of the biggest concern for a parent to take children out of school is to close down options of careers further down the lane.

Rest assured, there is not a single profession or field of study that your child cannot take up if he is up for it.

I can tell about India, but

Nothing wrong in getting certificates

When i advocate for unschooling, i do not want to say that don’t get certificates. Certificates are needed and essential to survive in modern day world.

While you could do without them, its better to get them anyway. Would nt hurt.

But what i do recommend is, put 20% effort for certificates and degrees. They are easier to get and does not deserve to put a lot of effort for most people.

People in all fields have done amazing works be it arts, science, or any given field without degrees.

But if you want to go through the official route. There are indeed ways to follow the system.

But how will the child learn if he does nt have a base in that subject?

Now , another concern many parents might have is, how will a child be able to learn and pass exams if he has nt studied in the K12 model of education system?

That is a fairly interesting question.

And there are a few points to address this concern

  1. Why are you choosing that study if your child has never studied it ?
  2. A child who knows how to learn, can learn anything faster than someone who has been studying something for years.

    Just how a sportsman who has strong legs and stamina can climb the mountain faster. Does nt matter if till now he has only been practicing in flat grounds.

    Similarly, if need be if your child has an aptitude of a

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