Structure, descipline is counter productive to conceptual learning related to subsconscious mind

Structure and scheduled learning is counter productive to learning.

There are two parts of the brain, right and left.

  • the right one is quick, fast, and instinctive.
  • Other is left, slow

there are two types of activities

  • quick visible straight forward
    • This does not require much of thinking through. Like if i ask you
      running, collecting fruits from trees
  • complex
    • that require multiple layers of “decoding” the task. for example Language, computers, art, etc. These are tasks that have many options
    • Music
    • runing a business

Mixing these two type of tasks

Now no activity is purely 100% straightforward or creative. For example,

Schedule and descipline works great for straight forward tasks.

But the real problem starts, when schools and education system

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