Spoiling a beautiful relationship

A relationship between a parent and child is one of the most beautiful one.

It is one of those few relationships where the parent do not expect much in return in terms of material gains from children.

They want their children to be happy.

but the “practical thinking” and fear of uncertainty leads parents to be “strict” with their children.

And in the process they end up spoiling an otherwise beautiful relationship

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Descipline them and send them to school. So they learn all the skills. Become best at everything.

Ask them to focus.

You know? little bad for greater good!

Though the intention is not wrong. But its an overkill.

Just how we spoil things when we overthink and over do. Too much control in parenting leads to just that.

The root of the problem is, that In Modern lives, our definition of survival has changed. So any unschooling endeavour should be based from changing the basic philosophy of life.

Its next to impossible, to unschool your child while you are still

To have this realisation that we are mindlessly running in a rat race and following the herd. Being subservient to an higher authority and living lives of slaves.

Where we are sacrificing our time and life to buy a house,

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